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About us

People with mental disorder (or psysical disorder, mental disease, mental illness) represent group diseases which influence primarily human thinking, experiencing or relations of handicapped person with his surroundings. Mentally ill person often is not able to find and keep housing, job. It leads to his single out from social life. In consideration of problem behaviour, leading from their handicap, they cannot even live with their parents or relatives in some cases. Eventhough for adult, mentally ill person it is desirable to the extent possible to live independently, in spite of some support, there are desperately few protected housings in the Czech republic and they absolutelly don't cover actual needs.

The endowment fund supports independent living for our clients. As part of several years of NF AROK's activities, we have the best experience with smaller buildings, which provide clients with greater privacy. Now we are looking for suitable land for mobile homes that would provide comfortable living close to nature. We also provide financial support to existing clients to cover costs associated with the current energy situation.

Our endowment fund helps also to relatives of our clients because they suffer from effect of mental disease too and they need various types of support.

We know how extremely important is to gain and exchange experience, incessantly to look for the best possible solutions and never to lose patience. That is why we cooperate with many similarly focused non-profit institutions such as Sympathea, Ondřej, Na rovinu, Fokus – Praha, but also with National Institute of Mental Health and many others.
We debate our purposes with a regional consultant of Reform of psychiatric care Pavel Novák and his coleagues and we also cooperate with Ministry of Health of the Czech republic.

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AROK Endowment Fund

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