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Project AROK

We are currently looking for object for protected housing. We are in talks with Prague City Hall and districts the Capital City of Prague; we have also talks about possible use of social flats, where we would support our clients and provide them necessary social, health and assistance services.

We have already selected object of Kolben's villa in the area of Prague 10 - Municipal Districts of the Capital City of Prague. Emil Kolben (1862 – 1943) was one of the most significant Czech electrotechnics and businessmen, amazing visionary and owner of big intellectual property – significant electrotechnic firms of that time have bought licences from him. AROK Endowment Fund would like to become a guard of memory this big Czech and it can see a way of perfect symbiosis in connection with utilization of Kolben's former villa and propagation of heritage of this unjustly in sort of a way ignored industrialist and patron. Our endowment fund is not only ready for reconstruct building of the villa, but also set up and operate there a flat complex with social and health services, jobs, day care centre and leisure time activaties for clients with serious psychiatric diagnosis.

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AROK Endowment Fund

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