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6. května 2022

NF clients have the opportunity to breed pets. You can watch them on our We provide their care when they cannot take care of them.

2. December 2021

We would like to thank the renowned Czech composer, actor and wonderful man Jan Matásek for the support of our AROK Endowment Fund.
You can buy the book here. All proceeds from the sale of this book will be transferred to the transparent account of the endowment fund.
You can also help with a donor SMS, transfer to a transparent account, a standing transfer order to the fund's account. Thank you for your help.
Link to help: help with us

We thank director Sofie Šustková with her partner for the realization of this spot!

7th May 2020

Every fifth Czech has experience with mental illness. Tomas from our story is one of them. This means that it is very difficult for him to find a job, to make a living and the alpha and omega of his existence is housing for him. For everyone who suffers from mental illness, it is vital to have a permanent background, where they can return, for example, after their condition worsens and hospitalization is necessary. Tomas first lived with his family, later his mother found a rental for him. But it is very difficult for a mentally ill person to keep a rented apartment, pay for it and take care of the household. "I'm so impractical," says Tomas. "I don't notice if the garbage is clogged." People usually don't want a person with a psychiatric diagnosis to be a neighbor. They are afraid of him, they disturb them, they seduce him with all the problems in the house. "The owner was afraid that my health would deteriorate and the apartment might burn," Tomas had to move several times. He then lived in sheltered housing for three years, then preferred more independent and free living in a dormitory, where he now lives in very modest conditions with his girlfriend. "I think I could take care of the apartment," he says, "but landlords who could rent me an apartment don't believe me."
Tomas would be happy if he had permanent housing, which he could manage to pay from his income, and where he would be provided with support and at the same time personal freedom. Unfortunately, like most mentally ill people, he does not have this certainty.
Every mentally ill person is different. Among the clients of the AROK Endowment Fund, which was founded by people caring for their mentally ill loved ones, there are people of various personalities, education and interests. Among them are university students, artists, engineers. But they have one thing in common. In the event that their illness worsens or is long-term, they are a bit "impractical", as Tomas put it nicely, whether it concerns social relations, household care, money management or taking care of one's own health.
At the beginning of the crisis caused by the Covid 19 disease, some of the clients of the AROK endowment fund became involved in sewing and distributing drapes. They were happy to help. Overall, however, this stressful and psychologically demanding situation is much more demanding for them than for healthy people. Although they are used to social isolation, in times of crisis some of them could not meet in person with their outpatient psychiatrist, therapist, the help of social workers partially stopped working, some did not receive their medication on time. From our story, Tomas managed the situation and kept his job for several hours a day. Unfortunately, his girlfriend's health has deteriorated and he is now in a psychiatric hospital. He cannot contribute to the rent in the hostel, which he shares with Tomas. Tomas saves as much as he can, but at the moment he is missing 800 CZK to pay the rent for May. The endowment fund will help him with the lease. But there are hundreds of people like Tomas. So far, only small parts of them can help.
You can also help with a donor SMS, transfer to a transparent account, a standing transfer order to the fund's account. Thank you for your help.
Link to help: help with us

We thank the Children of the Full Moon for the realization of this spot!

31st March 2020

Our clients help klienti help sew surgical masks in cooperation with employees of firm AROK. We greatly appreciate their help and we are pleased.
If people with serious handicap are able to help us all in this difficult time, we should not forget them.
We understand that the situation is complicated and that people are no longer supporting various activities due to uncertainty, but our clients cannot do without your help.
Donations can be made via credit card or bank transfer. More on the page Help with us.
Thank you!

Masks for the maternity hospital U Apolináře
Masks for the pharmacy U Matky Boží
Masks with sailor theme

Our masks of 50 pieces are already available to mothers in the maternity hospital U Apolináře.
Yesterday we donated 30 pieces of masks to the pharmacy U Matky Boží.
We made the masks for all our clients, volunteers and donors of the endowment fund, for homeless people and for seniors.

8th January 2020

PhDr. Mgr. Dana Klevetová introduces her book novelty "Když se pere duše s tělem".
The book can be purchased at eshop

16th December 2019

On behalf of our clients and the AROK Endowment Fund, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020! Thank you for your support.

19th November 2019

On behalf of our clients and the AROK Endowment Fund, we would like to thank the Association of Antiquities of the Czech Republic for organizing a charity auction and to all donors without whose precious works of art it would not have been possible.
We were supported by: AAA Antikvity Art Aukce, Adam Rada, Adolf Zika, Alma Antique, Anna Neborová, Antik Kureš, Antikvariát Bretschneider, Antikvariát Igor Korpaczewski, Asociace starožitníků, Aukční dům Valentinum, Barbora Křivská, Barbora Šemberová, Cinolter Antiques, Čestmír Suška, Daniel Pešta, Erika Bornová, Galerie Kodl, Igor Hlavinka, Ing. Jan Neumann, Ira Svobodová, J.S., Jana Vojnárová, Jaroslav Klát, Jaroslav Róna, Jiří Bouma, Jonáš Czesaný, Julie Kopová, Kateřina Štenclová, Kristýna Šormová, Matěj Lipavský, Maya Štechová, Michal Rejzek, Míra Macík, Mirek Kaufman, Otto Placht, Pavel Obermann, Pavel Šmíd, Pavla Kroupová, Petr Grubner, Starožitnosti Déco, Starožitnosti - Galerie Ustar, Victoria Antiques, Ateliéry Bárta, European Arts Investment, Jakub Nepraš, Petr Nikl, Richard Kočí, Simona Šustková, Tomáš Císařovský, Tomáš Tichý.
Special thanks to the President of the Association of Antiquities of the Czech Republic Ing. Jan Neuman for the management of the auction, Vice-President of the Association of Antiquities of the Czech Republic Ing. Simona Šustková for the opportunity to hold an auction at the Antiques Fair, Mgr. Lucie Gorovoj for organizing the auction and compiling the catalog. We would also like to thank Sofia Šustková for her cultural program.
We would like to thank the auction participants, exhibitors and visitors of the Antiquities Fair. Thanks to you, we managed to get 206,050 CZK in the auction and within the public collection among exhibitors 12,500 CZK. We appreciate your support very much. The collected funds will be used in their entirety to support independent living of mentally ill clients.

18th November 2019

The auction was successful - the clients of the endowment fund have secured housing for a longer period of time - thank you all who supported us!


Under following link see the auction results (including after-auction sale, updated on 3rd March 2020). The complete charity auction catalog is available for download here.
In the following days, you have the possibility to contribute to the AROK Endowment Fund by purchasing one of the works which did not find a bidder during the auction evening. The current catalog is available here.

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